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DIY Industrial Pipe Bookshelf

It’s time for another round of projects from the Power Tool Challenge Team.  Each month we challenge each other to complete a themed project.  This month’s theme is Unconventional.  For my unconventional project, I used pipes to make a DIY Industrial Pipe Bookshelf.

DIY Industrial Pipe Bookshelf - This bookshelf is easy to make and is perfect for displaying books. Get the tutorial at virginiasweetpea.com

This is such a fun theme and I can’t wait to see what the other Power Tool Challenge ladies use for their unconventional projects.  You’ll find links to all of the projects at the bottom of this post.

DIY Industrial Pipe Bookshelf

My husband and I love to read and there’s never a shortage of books in our home.  Books tend to pile up beside our sofas, on the end tables, and especially on the coffee table.

Our new bookshelf keeps books that we are reading close by yet somewhat organized.

DIY Industrial Pipe Bookshelf - This bookshelf is easy to make and is perfect for displaying books. Get the tutorial at virginiasweetpea.com

If there is a student in your life, a bookshelf like this would be great on a desk to keep textbooks organized yet accessible.

DIY Industrial Pipe Bookshelf - This is an easy DIY. Get the full tutorial at virginiasweetpea.com

How to Make a DIY Industrial Pipe Bookshelf

Supplies Needed

All supplies except the 1/2” Galvanized Iron Cross were purchased at Home Depot.  I ordered the two crosses from Amazon as Home Depot did not carry them.

A – 1/2” x 18” Galvanized Steel Cut Pipe (Two)

B 1/2” x 3 1/2” Galvanized Steel Pipe Nipple (Two)

C – 1/2” Galvanized 90 Degree Elbow (Four)

D – 1/2” Galvanized Iron Cross (Two)

E – 1/2” x 1 1/2” Galvanized Steel Pipe Nipple (Two)

F – 1/2” x 2 1/2” Galvanized Steel Pipe Nipple (Four)

G – 1/2” Galvanized Cap (Four)

DIY Industrial Pipe Shelf - Parts Needed


Screw the pipes together following the diagram below. 

Start with the cross (D)  and next screw into place parts B, E, and F. 

Then screw on the end caps (G). 

Next screw on the elbow joints (C). 

After completing the two sides, join them with the 18” steel pipes (A).

How to Make a DIY Industrial Pipe Bookshelf - Parts to use Labeled

It took me about 5 minutes to assemble my new bookshelf. 

Who doesn’t love a quick and easy project?


Pipes aren’t cheap and the supplies to make this cost just under $60.  

Expensive, but this baby is pretty much indestructible and I love how it looks on our coffee table.

DIY Industrial Pipe Bookshelf - This is an easy DIY. Get the full tutorial at virginiasweetpea.com

Did you look at the book titles? 

There’s a mix of history, war, and dog titles on the shelves. 

The two old books on the end are just for show as the back covers of the other books weren’t attractive. 

The end book on the left hand side is a 1908 copy of Bergen’s Botany Key. 

The one next to it is a 1927 copy of The Classroom Teacher, Volume 9.  It belonged to my grandfather and is about biology.DIY Industrial Pipe Bookshelf - This is an easy DIY. Get the full tutorial at virginiasweetpea.com

Do you like my Coca Cola caddy?  My grandmother used it to transport extra flowers for her flower arrangements for church or Garden Club.  All of the bottles in the caddy are vintage.

And speaking of vintage, my coffee table is a 1960’s piece that my parents purchased when they were first married.  I also have the matching end tables.

The poster hanging over my sofa is part of a 1943 set that I scored from a dumpster.  I used five more from the set at our lake house. I found this set for sale on Etsy.

DIY Industrial Pipe Bookshelf - This is an easy DIY. Get the full tutorial at virginiasweetpea.com

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DIY Industrial Pipe Bookshelf- This bookshelf is easy to make and gives a room a cool industrial vibe. Get the tutorial at virginiasweetpea.com.

More Unconventional Projects

Click on the links below to visit the unconventional projects that my Power Tool Challenge Team friends made this month.

DIY Projects Using Unconventional Materials - Get ideas for projects that you can make for your home using unconventional supplies. virginiasweetpea.com

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If you like this pipe project, then you may also enjoy the DIY Industrial Paper Towel Holder that we made for the lake.

Paper towel holder made with pipes and a wood circle


  1. Hey Paula! What a cool bookshelf you’ve created. You’re just amazing! Love that you and your friends keep each other on your toes with these monthly challenges. Thanks for the great step-by-step instructions!

    1. Thank you, Richella! I really like doing the challenges because it motivates me to make new things for my home and I love seeing what the other ladies create each month.

  2. Paula,

    I love how your industrial pipe bookshelf turned out! It looks fabulous on that 60’s coffee table, and I LOVE the coke caddy. Oh my! (I’m a coke girl)


    1. Thank you! I know my grandmother would love that I’m enjoying her caddy. My mom kindly passed along her furniture to me and I was happy to take it. I don’t know if you noticed the lamps on my end tables. They were purchased at the same time in 1968.

    1. Thank you! I like that I’ll be able to use this bookshelf in many spots at our house. There’s never a shortage of books around here!

  3. Hi Paula
    Great job on this bookshelf – it is so clever and unique! Love the repurposing vibe for these books. So cool that you have a book from your grandfather. Have a great weekend.
    Catherine (newest follower of your blogging adventures)

  4. Another fantastic industrial pipe project, Paula! I immediately thought of the industrial paper towel holder you made last year and thought how cool this would look holding cookbooks to compliment it. Clever idea and pinned

    1. Thank you! I am really enjoying it and the guests that I’ve had since making it have complimented me on it.

  5. This is very clever Paula and looks great!! Thank you for sharing at Create, Bake, Grow & Gather this week. I’m delighted to be featuring this project at tonight’s party and pinning too!

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  7. Oh how cool is to see as nice bookshelf like that. Your such a genius to have come up with an idea as such. Would love to get myself a bookshelf like that. VEry eye catchy because the idea is so fresh and it really amazed me and cant wait to display my books with a book shelf like that

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