Family Room Update with Late 1960’s Furniture

Thanks to my mom, our family room now has three new-to-us pieces:  two late 1960’s end tables and a coffee table.


My mom and dad were married in 1968 and purchased matching furniture for their living room which included a sofa, two end tables, a coffee table, a side chair, and an easy chair.  When I was growing up, this furniture was in our basement family room and now it resides in my mom’s Walnut Avenue basement.

In this picture from last September when I shared our vintage school map, you can see that we had no coffee table and that our end tables were 1990’s Cargo ones.  A coffee table didn’t seem a necessity since we like to have floor space to play with our dog, Sherman.

September Update to Family Room - Vintage Map


Now that we have a coffee table, I never want to be without one again.  Why did I wait almost 21 years to get one?

Family Room Update with 1960's Furniture Mixed with Antiques


The coffee table and end tables have heavy slate tops.  I spent hours sitting around this coffee table coloring or playing cards when I was a child.

Late 1960's Coffee Table with State Top


The end tables are a bit bigger than the Cargo ones that we were using.  I enjoy having the extra space for magazines and truthfully, my dinner plate.  Since it’s just the two of us, we eat dinner in the family room.

Late 1960's End Table with Slate Top


Mid-century furniture is through 1965, so my pieces don’t quite make that classification, but who knows, late 1960’s and 1970’s pieces might be the next “it” item.  Truthfully, it would cost a fortune to buy three pieces like these with slate tops and I am quite happy to have them.

Late 1960's End TableWasn’t my mom nice to let us have these pieces?

In case you missed it earlier this week, I shared another update in this room:  a reupholstered mid-century chair.  I’m so happy with this piece now!

Mid-Century Chair Reupholstered

What we’d really like to have for this room is two new sofas and a new chair for Mr. SP.  All three are 17 years old and are showing their age.   How often do you purchase new furniture?  I think we need to invest in some!

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  1. Oops! I forgot to say– I LOVE the tables.
    I wish I’d gotten the ones from my Moms– they were Pecan Wood very pretty… I bet the slate has a nice feel to it. Cherish those. Yes your mom was nice to hand them down to you she knew you’d appreciate them!
    Patricia recently posted…Collections- Brass Nozzles and Pyrex CanistersMy Profile

  2. grammygoodwill says:

    Those slate tops are outstanding. I know you’re pleased to have these pieces, esp with all the memories.
    I had to laugh about the larger end table for your dinner plate. My husband and I eat in our sun room.

  3. The furniture is beautiful, as is the whole room. I am so glad you bought that map! It’s so neat.
    What type of sofas would you want to get? I want a new sofa but am so nervous about buying another large piece of furniture and not liking it a couple of years down the road. It makes me want to just pick up an Ikea one and not be sad if anything happens to it or I don’t like it sooner rather than later.
    Megan recently posted…Organizing a Small Bathroom SpaceMy Profile

  4. hi Paula, how are you? I love your new furniture and the fact that some of it came from your mom is fabulous. Great news is you’re being featured tomorrow as one of our MOST CLICKED!! Woo Hoo and you’ll be seen across all 6 blogs tomorrow and this week. Come on back and join the fun. xo Lisa at Concord Cottage
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