Mother’s Day Printable Card, Bookmark, and Gift Tag

May is almost here and Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Today I’m sharing free Mother’s Day printables that you can use for a special mom or grandmother.

Included are a card, bookmark, and gift tag that you can use for Mother’s Day.

Graphic for Mother's Day Free Printables - card, bookmark, gift tag

Free Mother’s Day Printables

Print this out on cardstock, color and cut out, and you have a trio of things to use for Mother’s Day.

Coloring pages for a Mother's Day card, bookmark, and gift tag

I love spending Mother’s Day with my mom. Last year, since it was quarantine season, we had a picnic on her farm with 360 degrees of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I’m not sure what we’ll do this year.

In case you are wondering how I’m doing with my radiation, I thought I would give a small update. I have five more radiation sessions to go but for now, they are on hold because my platelets have dropped drastically and are too low right now for treatment. I will have bloodwork on Friday and if my numbers have increased, I will have another session.

Each session brings more side effects and more fatigue. My biggest struggle is a constant yucky feeling stomach and no appetite. Food just doesn’t taste good and even swallowing it is difficult. My hair is thinning and I know it will all fall out but right now I still have hair and I’m grateful for that. I will be very glad when this is all over and I start to feel better.

I colored this card, bookmark, and gift tag yesterday while I waited for a doctor’s appointment and then for my radiation appointment. I’ll have to admit that it was a fun way to make time pass quickly!

Colored free printable Mother's Day card, bookmark, gift tag

I haven’t purchased a Mother’s Day present for my mom just yet but when I do, I’m al ready to wrap it and use this gift tag.

Mama loves to read and I like to buy books for her on Amazon. I’ve got two on the way for her that aren’t supposed to be for Mother’s Day, but if I don’t see her before Mother’s Day, I’ll put the bookmark in one of the books for her.

Colored free printable Mother's Day card, bookmark, gift tag

How to Print the Mother’s Day Printables

To access the free printables, subscribe to my blog and you’ll receive a welcoming email with the password. Then head to my free printable library, to print.

If you are already a subscriber, the password can be found in any email from me that you have received.


  1. The printables are so pretty! You did a nice job. My mom is a reader too, and the bookmark would be perfect! I continue to pray for your health and peace over you, as you continue this forced March.

  2. Love the printable bookmarks! What a fun thing–you could print these out and have kids color them, or color them beautifully as you did here.

    Paula, I will continue to pray for you. I’m so sorry that you’re having to walk this “forced march,” as you so aptly call it. Love you, friend!

  3. The printables are great! I’m going to print them and let Jamie’s kids color them for her! She’ll be surprised! I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling yucky. I’m praying for this to be over and for you to feel great so that you can get back to enjoying your activities again soon.

  4. Hi Paula,

    Thanks for the cute bookmark! What a fun and creative way to pass the time while waiting.

    Praying for you to keep your strength while going through these treatments.


  5. Praying that you have strength, courage, peace and comfort thru this. Our world is so very tired of Cancer! Wishing you all the best.

  6. What beautiful printables, Paula! I appreciate all of the wonderful ideas you share.
    You and your family are in my prayers many times everyday. I will continue to keep you in prayer as you walk this “ forced march”. Your courage is an inspiration. I am so sorry that you have to endure such an arduous journey.

  7. Thank you for the cards and bookmarks. You are in my prayers and I hope that you will get thru all of this and be healthy and energetic again.

  8. Thanks for the printables, Paula. I’m keeping you in my prayers, I love how you always try to look for the positives in what you’re going through. I could only hope I’d be that strong. Here’s looking forward to your reaching the plateau of treatment to where you can look forward to a reprieve and regeneration. ♥

  9. These are beautiful, Paula! Such a cute idea for Mother’s Day! Sending you positive vibes for healing and I will continue to pray. Take care friend!

  10. Paula, these are really cute, and adults plus kids would enjoy them. Thanks for adding them to the FWF link party.

    And thank you for the update on your health. You are walking one tough road with grace and dignity. I hope you can get back to the treatments and put this behind you.
    Keeping you in my prayers 🙂

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