My Latest Vintage Finds

My Latest Vintage Finds - You won't believe all of the great stuff that my teacher assistant gave me.

Most of you know that I love antiques and anything vintage.  Last week my teacher assistant asked me if I would like some things from her aunt’s house.  The family has been working hard to clean out her home and they had all taken what they wanted.  I could hardly wait until school was over so that we could go “shopping.”

Becky, the best teacher assistant in the world, and I have worked together for many, many years.  She knows how much I love and appreciate antiques and she thought that it would please her aunt in heaven to know that someone would use and appreciate her things.

Let’s take a look at the vintage goodies that Becky kindly shared with me!

I love old picnic baskets.  I recently shared how I use one on my pantry to hold cake and cookie decorating supplies and another to hold wine.  Now I have a third one to use in another area of my home.  The Atlas and Ball jars will be added to the ones that my mom and grandmother gave me.  I was thrilled to get a few more tops since I have several jars without one.  The thermos is in perfect condition.  I’m so tempted to use it for coffee instead of just a decorative item.

Vintage picnic basket, jars, and thermos.  Perfect items for decorating with a vintage flair!


Is this canister set with a red clover motif not the cutest?  Right now it is on display on my kitchen counter, but it won’t be long until I put these beauties to use.

Vintage Canister set with a Clover Motif

This green pepper cookie jar is McCoy.  It had a weird 1970’s decal on it that came off easily when I soaked the jar over night.  I hadn’t seen this design but when I looked it up on Ebay and Etsy, I saw that it is pretty readily available.

McCoy Green Pepper Cookie Jar

I couldn’t pass up this pretty covered candy dish and footed compote.  They will be displayed in my china cabinet along with similar pieces inherited from my grandmother.

Vintage Cutwork Glass Compote and Covered Candy Dish

This vegetable bowl has no mark on the bottom.  I really liked the floral pattern and the gold rim.  I can always use another bowl.Unmarked Vintage Vegetable Bowl

A Vera kitchen towel was never used.  I’ll bet that it was a gift that was saved for a special occasion.

Vintage Vera Kitchen Towel

Both of these table clothes are handmade.  I haven’t tried the green one on my table and I have my fingers crossed that it will fit.

Handmade Vintage Tableclothes

I washed both of these after taking this picture and now these two cheerful table clothes are ready to be used.  They will be perfect for summer entertaining on the dock at the lake.Vintage Checked Tablecloths

I recently learned that table clothes that are card table sized are called bridge clothes.  These two appeared to have never been used.  When I washed them they shrank…a lot.  I will save them for a pillow project.

 Vintage Cutwork Tablecloth

Becky’s mother lived next door to her aunt and recently passed away.  These cards came from her mother’s house.  I’ll use these for years and years for Valentine’s day decor.Vintage Valentines Cards

Buluah was Becky’s mother and Harry was Buluah’s brother.

Vintage Valentine Cards from the early 1900's

These Valentine cards include beautiful embroidery.  They are post cards that were never sent.   Vintage Valentine Postcards with Embroidery

These vintage postcards were too pretty not to take.  I love their beautiful designs.

Vintage Postcards


Can you believe that there is more?  I couldn’t believe that family didn’t take any of these tables.  I can’t wait to give each a makeover and share it here with you.

Vintage Round Table Vintage Small Side TableVintage End Table


Many thanks to my friend Becky for sharing her family treasures with me.  They’ve all found a good home.


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My Latest Vintage Finds - You won't believe all of the great stuff that my teacher assistant gave me.

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  1. I am soooo jealous Paula! What a bonanza and how gracious of your TA to want to share such treasures with you. I can’t wait to see the post when you reveal what you do with the step table and the round one! My brain cells are tingling… 😉

  2. I love EVERYTHING! Lucky you! I can’t wait to see what you do with the tables. I vote for a glossy turquoise for the round, pedestal table! And you should definitely use the Thermos for coffee! It’ll make you happy every time you drink coffee out of it, as if coffee itself doesn’t make you happy enough!

  3. I love the canisters! They will go perfect in a vintage “grandma” kitchen! I inherited one of those pedestal tables and painted it a cream color. In my “square” house, it’s been a little tough to find a good spot for it and I’m sometimes tempted to sell it but something keeps telling me to hold onto it. Can’t wait to see how you repurpose those tables. I know you’ll do a fantastic job!! -Bev

  4. I was expecting to see a couple little knick-knacks, but you got a whole store! The picnic basket, the canisters, the cookie jar — these are sooo YOU. Hurry and do a blog showcasing how you are using these goodies.

  5. You’ve got some wonderful treasures there! I agree with your comment on the bowl, you can use them anywhere for food or decor. I’m seeing those drum tables everywhere, can’t wait to see what you do with it.

  6. I don’t know where to start! You hit the mother lode. I can’t believe no one grabbed those tables and I can hardly wait to see what you do with them. The canisters, the tablecloths, the vintage Valentine’s, the picnic basket . . . I love them all.

  7. What wonderful treasures she shared with you! I think the Valentines/cards are my favorite, although I really like that coffee table, too. I can’t wait to see what you do to it.

  8. How nice to have a friend like that! You “inherited” some great treasures!! I have a girlfriend who is still cleaning out her mother-in-laws farm and every once in a while she passes things to me. I am always thrilled and grateful!

  9. What a FUN post!! I loved looking at everything you got – and you got a haul! Wow! What an amazing gift your friend gave you. I also agree with you – I can’t believe that they didn’t take any of those side tables. My favorite is the last one I think. I also love all the linens you got! So much fun!

  10. That is SO awesome! How sweet of her to think of you. You totally scored big on that one! How did you fit that all in your car?! Those furniture pieces are gorgeous! I can’t wait to see what you do with them!

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