Sherman’s Summer

Summer with Sherman Skulina

In case you’ve been wondering, Sherman is having a wonderful summer.  He has enjoyed having me home with him all day and as an extra bonus, Mr. SP has been home a lot this summer, too.  He’s had his usual long walks in the morning and evening and has lounged by the air conditioning vent during the day when it’s been especially hot.


Agility Training

Sherman’s summer school is agility training.  We’ve only been a few times and he loves it!  Lots of treats are involved and he gets to be around other dogs, so agility is a winner in Sherman’s book.

Sherman Skulina and Me

There are 18 dogs in Sherman’s class.  We are divided into three groups:  small, medium, and large dogs.  The instructors are wonderful and make sure that both the dogs and owners successfully navigate the obstacles and have fun in the process.

Sherman Skulina at Agility


I knew Sherman wouldn’t mind going through the tunnel because he’s been exploring pipes since he was a puppy.  Sometimes he scares me going into a large pipe in our neighborhood but he thinks it is great fun.

Sherman Skulina Masters the Tunnel


When he come out he gets a lot of praise and a treat.

Agility - Sherman Skulina Gets a Treat


I didn’t know if Sherman would go over the A-frame without being scared but it didn’t bother him at all.

Agility - Sherman Skulina goes over the A frame

Sherman is pretty good with jumps, especially since he’s practiced them at home in his friend Cajun’s yard.Agility - Sherman Skulina Jumping


Smith Mountain Lake Fun

Sherman has spent a lot of time at the lake this summer.  He loves to hang out on the dock, swim, go for walks, and ride on the boat.  When we are going slow in the boat, Sherman jumps to the front and likes for me to sit with him.  You can see that he loves his mommy.

Sherman Skulina Love Boating at Smith Mountain Lake


“Redneck Island” (not its real name, that’s what we call it) is a fun stop on the boat.  It’s a real life redneck yacht club and is always a ton of fun.

Redneck Island at Smith Mountain Lake


Sherman loves to run around the island, socialize, and of course swim.

Sherman Skulina Plays at SML


Sherman had a blast swimming with his new Rottie friend, Ladybug.

Sherman Skulina Swims with LadyBug at SML


Ladybug and Sherman swam after ducks but weren’t successful in getting any.

Sherman Skulina and LadyBug Chase a Duck at SML

Ladybug spent some of her time fishing and left Sherman to hunt on his own.Sherman Skulina Chases a Duck at Smith Mountain Lake


Summer is always fun and I’ve found that spending it with Sherman makes it an even better time.


  1. A summer to remember for sure! I always enjoy “catching up” with Sherman. So cute that he found a friend (Ladybug) to swim with! I know my lab would really enjoy and benefit from a play group……Happy summer!

    1. Thanks so much for commenting, June! Sherman loves playing with other dogs. I’ve already talked to a few people in our agility class about having play dates so the dogs can wrestle. I can tell that he especially wants to wrestle with two labs.


    1. Thanks, Kathleen! We think he is a handsome boy but I’m sure an owner can be biased, just like a child’s mom or dad. Agility is good exercise. Some of the dogs are too fast for their owner. Luckily I can keep up with Sherman.


  2. What a handsome pup! Our dog loves the water as well. Smith Mountain Lake is such a beautiful place! My hubby wants to get down there to do some fishing with a couple friends that frequent the area. It’s a little bit of a hike as we are up in the Fauquier/Northern Virginia area. Thanks for sharing an update on Sherman!

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