Easy Clay Christmas Ornaments

I’m back with another easy Christmas ornament idea that you can customize to suit your own decor style, DIY Clay Christmas Ornaments that are so easy to make.  These ornaments are made with clay, cookie cutters, and stamps.

I love how these look on our porch tree combined with the Easy Pine Cone Ornaments that I shared earlier this week.  For the cost of a package of clay and twine for hangers, I filled our porch tree with handmade ornaments.

Clay ornament shaped like a church with holy stamped on it

DIY Clay Christmas Ornaments

Let’s start by seeing a few of the DIY clay Christmas ornaments that I made.

To make my ornaments, I used my favorite cookie cutters and then decorated the ornaments with either stamps made for paper or my metal stamp kit from Harbor Freight.

I didn’t make all of Santa’s reindeer but I did make Vixon and Rudolph.

Christmas ornament made from clay in the shape of a reindeer with Vixon stamped on it.
Clay ornament in the shape of a reindeer with Rudolph stamped on it.

I did holly leaves.

Holly shaped Christmas ornament with noel stamped on it.

And Christmas trees…

Christmas ornament made from clay in the shape of a Christmas tree with a tree stamp and the word merry.

Looking at the entire tree you can also see candy canes, stockings, stars, bells, and gingerbread men.

Christmas tree decorated with pine cones, clay ornaments, and red ribbon

Making these ornaments was fun and easy.  This is a craft that kids would love to help make.

How to Make Easy Clay Ornaments


Supplies to Make Easy Clay Christmas Ornaments

I love cookie cutters and have collected them since my college days.  I selected these from my collection to use for the clay ornaments.

Christmas cookie cutters

Roll the Clay

I decided that I wanted to roll the clay to 1/8” thick with a rolling pin and used dough guides to help.  Yellow is 1/8” thick, so I put a yellow guide on each end of my rolling pin.

Dough Guides to Use with a Rolling Pin

Dough guides are helpful when making rolled cookies or pie crust.

Dough Thickness Guides for a Rolling Pin

Break off a small amount of clay and work it with your hands to warm and soften it.  Do this before you try to roll it out with your rolling pin.

Rolling out clay to make a Christmas ornament

Cut Out Ornaments Using Cookie Cutters

Roll the dough out and then cut shapes with cookie cutters, just like if you are making cookies.

Using a cookie cutter to cut out clay Christmas ornaments

Decorate the cookies with stamps.  I used stamps made for stamping paper and also a metal stamping kit.

This Christmas tree stamp would work perfectly for this project.

Making clay Christmas ornaments

Use a wood skewer to make a hole in the top of each ornament for a hanger.

Using a skewer to make a hole in a clay Christmas ornament

Place the ornaments on parchment lined baking sheets as you make them.  Bake according to the directions on the Sculpey package and allow to cool.

Clay Christmas ornaments on three baking sheets lined with parchment paper

Add the Hanger

Make a hanger for each ornament with a piece of baker’s twine.

Adding a twine hanger to a Christmas ornament

Use a toothpick to push the twine through the hole.

Using a toothpick to add a baker's twine hanger to a clay ornament

Tie the twine in a knot and trim with scissors.

Clay ornaments on a baking sheet with baker's twine hangers

Hang on the Tree and Enjoy!

Noel clay Christmas ornament hanging on a tree

I love how these DIY clay Christmas ornaments look on our tree. Don’t miss seeing all of the vintage that I used to decorate our porch for the season.

Christmas Tree Decorated with Handmade Ornaments

If you like this project, please pin it for others to discover!

Clay Christmas ornament holly shaped with noel stamped on it.

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  1. These are really really pretty and I got all excited seeing how you decorated them. I’m definitely making some of these to send overseas. Thank you for giving me such a great idea for my international penpal friend’s gifts this year!

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