Sparkly Christmas Reindeer Craft

Looking for a Christmas reindeer craft? Make a herd of sparkling Christmas reindeer that are perfect to use for Christmas decor.

Reindeer crafted from styrofoam sheets

Sparkly Christmas Reindeer Craft

I had so much enjoyed making this Christmas reindeer craft!

Making these reindeer was fun, didn’t take an incredibly long time, and it was easy.  That’s a perfect crafting combination in my book.

Reindeer crafted from styrofoam

Our family room has a shelf in a corner formed from covering our furnace ductwork with drywall. I love to decorate this area for the season.

I surrounded the reindeer that I made with a forest of bottlebrush trees.

Reindeer made from styrofoam with plaid bows

The art in the background is a P. Buckley Moss Solitary Skater cross stitch that I completed in 1989 when I was still in college.

Each reindeer is covered in Diamond Dust to make them sparkle.

Reindeer made from FloraCraft Styrofoam

I love how they glisten in the light of the Christmas tree that is displayed next to them.

Three styrofoam reindeer with plaid bows

Let me show you how easy it was to make this fun craft!

How to Make Sparkly Christmas Reindeer

These are the supplies needed to make this craft.

Supplies to make glittered reindeer

STEP ONE Print reindeer pattern on card stock and cut out with scissors. 

Reindeer pattern is available in my free printable library. Sign up here to access this pattern and ALL of my other free printables.

Pin pieces to one sheet of Styrofoam.

Note that multiple cuts need to be made from these pieces:

Legs – Cut 6 sets

Ear – Cut 3 sets

Double Ear – Cut two sets

Styrofoam sheet with reindeer template pieces pinned to it.

STEP TWO  Cut out pieces using a serrated knife or styrofoam cutter. 

I do not own a styrofoam cutter, so I experimented with the hot knife tip that came with my wood burning kit and it worked like a charm. 

Styrofoam reindeer pieces cut out


STEP THREE  Use a cool-melt glue gun to glue the reindeer pieces together. 

three reindeer made from styrofoam

STEP FOUR Brush reindeer pieces with Mod Podge and use a plastic spoon to sprinkle with Diamond Dust over the glue. 

I did this over a sheet of freezer paper so that I could pour the excess Diamond Dust back into the container. I prefer Diamond Dust over regular glitter.

STEP FIVE Paint the reindeers’ hooves with metallic gold craft paint

Painting gold hooves on reindeer made from styrofoam

STEP SIX Tie a ribbon scarf around each reindeer’s neck using ribbon.

Three styrofoam reindeer with bottle brush trees

Aren’t these guys adorable?  Their look can easily be changed from year to year by changing the ribbon used as their scarves.

After Christmas use a wintery ribbon color and continue to display the reindeer for winter decor.

Reindeer crafted from styrofoam with gold hooves

This craft was so much fun to make. If you are looking for a Christmas craft to do with teens, this is one that they would certainly enjoy.

Christmas reindeer craft using styrofoam

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    1. Thanks, Nancy! I love their gold feet, too. They were fun to make, especially once I realized how quickly my wood burning tool cuts styrofoam.


  1. This is such a good idea! I am sooo impressed! I love, love, love these little guys! So cute! I can’t believe you made them out of foam too.

    1. Thank you, Sharon! I had so much fun making these guys and know that I’ll enjoy using them for years to come.


  2. These are adorable and I love the diamond dust for the sparkle effect!!! I also went back and looked at your clothes pin Santa and what a great craft for kids (and ME!) to make…love it! Thanks for sharing!!

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